Hey there!

I'm Chelsie, and I want to make beautiful photographs, for you! I've been working professionally since 2006. I am a photographer because I am a thrill seeker - and what's more thrilling than handing over the final product? I love that feeling - a bunch of incredible photographs, the kind you're completely giddy over, you know, those ones you want to just look at and soak in for hours?

Let me show you how having a photograph made can be exciting. You're going to have a good time! It's not just about checking "photos" off your to-do list - it's about the experience!

You need photographs, and I love making them. Let's you & I chat!

Would you rather stalk & potentially become best-cyber-friends with me? Great! My personal instagram can be found here!

I am currently based in New York City and Utah - and love any excuse to visit a new place!


Jessie & Ryan

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